Want to help make Vincent better? Here’s how to get started:

First, fork Vincent on Github. Then clone your fork into a local folder:

$git clone

Set up your virtualenv:

$virtualenv .env

Pip install the dependencies:

$pip install -r requirements.txt

Set up the package for development:

$python develop

Now you’re set. Here are some area where Vincent could use contribution:

Go take a look at within the main Vincent package and you’ll see that we’re using Vincent to build Vincent! This module is the home for convenience chart builds, such that we can do things like bar = vincent.Bar([10, 20, 30]). This package still needs maps, pie charts, donut charts, treemaps, faceted charts, etc. If you use Vincent to build a new chart, make a pull request for this module. Make sure you add a test with valid grammar to

There are still a number of Vega Transform types that have yet to be implemented. Start adding them to and make a pull request.


Vincent uses the Nose library for testing, and aims for reasonable test coverage. Take a look at and to get an idea of what our tests look like, and please add coverage for anything you add.